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Taekwondo Form Dan-Gun Taekwondo Form Dan-Gun


The combat sport of Boxing may look simple on the surface – just throwing punches! But perfecting sweet science skills separates an amateur from...

po-eun taekwondo form po-eun taekwondo form


Taekwondo practitioners advance through colored belt ranks by mastering forms known as poomsae. These choreographed fight sequences teach stances, footwork, blocks, strikes and kicks...

yoo-sin yoo-sin


Yoo-Sin is a complex Taekwondo pattern honoring a great Korean commander. Practicing the 68 motions boosts fitness and courage like the brave General Yoo-Sin....

yon gae taekwondo yon gae taekwondo


Yon-Gae is a complex Taekwondo form named after a revered Korean general skilled in martial arts. The pattern’s wide range of combat motions honor...

Taekwondo Form Juche Taekwondo Form Juche


The Taekwondo form called Juche highlights independent thinking and relying on oneself first rather than others. Juche means “self-reliance” which describes a big martial...

choi-yong taekwondo choi-yong taekwondo


The taekwondo pattern Choi-Yong means “justice and courage” in Korean. Training this form embodies those key virtues by developing mental and physical discipline. Practicing...

kibon taekwondo kibon taekwondo


Taekwondo uses special patterns called forms to practice moves. Forms look like dancing, with punches, blocks, and kicks done in a set order. Each...

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